This steak house prides itself on its selection of both meat and fish — you can even see it in their logo. It’s not easy for vegetarians to find meals on Chicago Prime’s menu, but it isn’t impossible, either. Enter the spinach salad with grilled pineapples, toasted pumpkin seeds and honey- mustard vinaigrette. The leafy greens are subtle against the dripping sweet- ness of the pineapple. The grilled sections of fruit have an almost caramel- like quality about them, while still adding nutri- tional value to the iron- rich lettuce. Crunchy pumpkin seeds contribute an earthy flavor while the tangy honey-mustard vin- aigrette ties the whole dish together. Pescetarians can enjoy a refreshing appetiz- er of grilled scallops with asparagus puree on a bed of mesclun greens. Where is the fruit? It is served in the form of a tropical mango salsa.